Shilin Hora

Harvesting Seeds. Planting Ideas.

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Seed Museums Overview

Seed Museums are rare, one-of-a-kind nature-art objects created by Shilin Hora. The Museums are wall art in which seeds are dried and artistically exhibited emphasizing their exquisite designs. The Seed Museums are inspired by the 19th century Wardian cases that exploring botanists used to import foreign plants to Europe from overseas. The wall hanging Museums are an exquisite blend between natural history specimen collection and fine art museum display, meant to inspire the Explorer in all of us.

Each Seed Museum tells the story of the relationship Shilin has with a specific place. She utilizes seed play to inspire curiosity for the things found freely in nature. She communicates the connection she has with nature: her ability to see, observe, poke, prod, harvest, record, and reflect on what took place in that urban sacred-green space.

Each piece is viewed through glass (or plexi glass) in a pristine shadow box.  All wood for framing is recycled or re-claimed barn wood aiming to create work with the smallest environmental footprint possible.

Custom orders are available. Seed Museums may be crafted to your specific requirements. Custom sizes options range from 1 ft. x 1 ft. up to full inlay wall installations (ceiling to floor).

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