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Convincing by means of beauty and creating opportunities for contemplation.

Look slow and listen long.

Nature has a voice.

Shilin Hora

Botanical Artist and Nature Enthusiast

What Going On-

April 20-May 30th Outdoor ephemeral Seed Weaving Installation

From the lower parking lot, sculpture is located to the left of the sidewalk, on the walk up to the museum


    April 6th 10am Outdoor Seed Hunting Workshop

    April 20th 1pm Seed Quilt Construction Workshop


    April 26th 4pm Recycled Art Workshop

  • EMERSON ELEMENTARY School Wide Earth Day Seed Hunting & Quilting Event

    April 8-18th-session full/closed. Volunteers contact Shilin with request.

    April 15-26 Seed Quilt on Exhibit in Library

    April 27th Planting of Seed Quilt/Earth & Arbor Day Family and School Event- 8am-10am

Growing up outdoors -My childhood was spent navigating between the neighboring peach orchard, grape vineyard, and corn field in St. Joseph, Michigan. As a teen I worked for my grandfather working his blackberry farm and helping him tend his 24 acre Christmas tree farm. I remember then being drawn to the magnificent micro world of botany. My specialized activity then was carefully landscaping miniature gardens inside Ball canning jars. Read more in this Interview.

Developing Craft- Undergraduate fine art studies took me inside the sculpture and printmaking studio at Grand Valley State University (B.F.A. 2001), where I developed my craft of collecting and recording nature. I learned to observe with intention and perfect my seeing of nature through extensive botany collections and botanical illustrations. Here I discovered the voice of nature in the ravines. Here is where I learned the significance of the seed.

Community Engagement- In 2007 I founded Grow Studio, a public art project that bridges the gap between art, science and our natural world. The project facilitates workshops that explore dendrology, fine arts and the practice of observation and exploration in urban environments. Its mandate is to foster partnerships within disciplines in educational organizations by hosting inter-generational Seed Hunts in the City. All year Seed Hunting workshops available!

In 2016 I collaborated with the Park District of Oak Park and opened the first Nature Preschool in Oak Park at the Austin Gardens Environmental Center. As lead Pre-school teacher for 3 years I spearheaded a transformation in community thinking and action around Early Childhood nature education and how our youth relates to and experiences nature.

Shilin Hora cares about the environment and its direction. We lead folks back to an appreciation and reverence for nature through beautiful artworks. Our dedication to craft, beauty and nature-reverence is what makes us most proud. The Botanical Box collection showcases the historical, scientific, artistic, and cultural importance of the seed. The collections are a unique blend between natural history specimen collection and fine art museum display. Each Museum-Box tells a wild story, a story of a young girl who fell asleep in the woods and awoke to find a plethora of treasures sprinkled around her feet. The girl quickly turns to bent knee to see, observe, poke, prod, harvest, and record the treasures.

Thank you for the choices and actions you take everyday in favor of our natural world!